Hello and welcome to the module wiki!

I am Jane Challinor, the Module Leader.You can contact me via email jane.challinor@ntu.ac.uk if you have any questions.

The homepage for your module learning room has been linked to this wiki so that we can bring together the students of two different modules (and two different programmes) - SWRK30515 Organisation and Management (part of the BA in Social Work) and HMNS30145 Contemporary Approaches to Leadership (a module on the BA in Health and Social Care.

It will help us share discussions and work together on common tasks, when the two groups come together in term two.

The Navigation box on the left lists all the pages so it is easy to find your way around this site. On the Links page you will find the Module Reading List, help on referencing & citation and links to various websites, podcasts, videos etc which may be of interest.

News feeds takes you to the Guardian Society latest and the course Twitter feed of updates from relevant organisations.

There are three things you need to do straight away:

Your first task is to join this site and create a profile.

Next, you will need to do a bit of preparatory work for our first meeting, by completing the task that can be found here Who am I?

Finally (for now!), you must sign up as a member of a small group to be able to complete your first assignment. You may find it easier to decide on this once you have met for the first time in January, but when you know who you want to work with, go to the Choose your group page and enter the names of members/choose your group.

Don't forget that the main module content, Module Guide and assessment details can all still be accessed through your learning room in NOW (in the Content section).

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To leave a comment, join a discussion or edit a page on this website, you will need to join - this just requires an email address and a password. At any point you can click on Help (top right) for information about how to use this site. I hope you enjoy the module!!