Week 33 - 15 March

There will be NO 3pm lecture this week. Instead we will be covering the main topic - on how change projects can go wrong! - during the seminar sessions. You can read ahead by looking at the NOW Learning Room under "Change"

Don't forget to let me have your links/presentations to upload by Friday if possible so that I can open the voting!

Week 31 - Thursday 1 March

I have now added an updated timetable for the remaining lectures and seminars on this module. Check the Navigation Bar!

In the next lecture we will be looking at traditional definitions of leadership. In preparation, please look at the wiki page "Leadership Discussion" and add your thoughts to the Discussion.You can also look at the learning materials in NOW.

(Remember - to add a post to a discussion, you need to click on the "chat" icon at the top of the page.)

The seminar group will be an opportunity to meet with your group to progress your work. I will be on hand to answer any questions about the assignment, the presentation etc. We will also be looking at the responses on the discussion board.

In the seminars yesterday we discussed the process for self and peer assessment of the projects via an anonymous on line poll. I will be setting this up shortly. We also discussed the desirability of anonymising the presentations.

If you wish your presentation to be anonymous, you need to give it a title which can clearly distinguish it from any other - it may be the name of the film you have chosen or a "thematic" title or a nick name for your group. This title should be obvious to everyone who is voting for the presentation. You also need to tell me the title your group is using so I can include this in the poll. Finally you will need to send me a link or a file which I can upload to the wiki BY FRIDAY 16 MARCH 2012 so that everyone can view your presentation VOTING WILL START ON 16 MARCH AND CLOSE ON WEDS 21 MARCH.

If you using a password protected site like a wiki or a website, you will need to make the site open to the public for viewing (but not editing) once you are ready. If you are not sure how to do this, let me know and I will try and help.

Week 30 - Thursday 23 February

In preparation for the seminar and lecture this week, I want you to think about Motivation.

What motivates you? How motivated is your team to complete the project? Are some people more motivated than others? Why do you think that is? If you have a team leader, how is he/she motivating the rest of the team?

There are materials on NOW under motivation for you to look at, but try to come up with some thoughts of your own first.

A new look to the wiki!

In response to some students' requests, I have bundled information together about the assignment on the new page The first assignment.

All the tutorials on how to join, edit and use the wiki are now on the page How to use the wiki


I need to remind everyone that file sharing where it relates to copyrighted material (journal articles, films, music etc) is illegal and may result in disciplinary action by the University or even criminal conviction. click on this link for information You should not post any messages which might invite people to copy or download illegally any copyrighted material.
If you need to arrange for people in your group to watch a film, you can do this by renting or buying a DVD, checking with the library to see if they have a copy available for loan, or providing your fellow students with a link to a legal site such as i-Tunes. It is also OK to share links to short clips from films in You Tube, for example.
Apologies for the stern tone of this message, but I am required by the University's regulations to ensure you understand the copyright situation fully.

On a different note, if you want a quick overview of how to add pages, files and videos to your wiki pages, please click on this link to see a short video tutorial I made.

This video from Sharon Potter, also explains how to use the new Library One Search http://screencast.com/t/Wc72foFe

Week 29 - Thursday 16th February 2012

(This is Reading Week for BA (Hons) Health and Social Care students but you are still welcome to attend the lecture and seminar groups.)

In the seminars we will continue with group meetings to take forward progress on your project.

We will also be discussing the current practice of supervision in social work using examples form your placements

In the Lecture, we will look at Shohet and Hawkin's 7 eyed supervision model

In preparation for the lecture, you can access further papers and websites via the Content page in NOW

Please note that I have now also added a sample first assignment - as a guide for those who want it - on the page Assignment Deadlines

Week 28 - Thursday 9th Feb 2012

Rooms - don't forget to check your timetable and/or the list on the front page of NOW. Seminar rooms will vary from week to week.

Please make sure you have signed up to join the wiki

You can still join in any of the discussions about your MBTI type but this week you should complete the Belbin team role questionnaire You will then be able to discuss this with your team in the seminars. The lecture this week will be about Team Effectiveness.

On the page "What is a Team?" you can add some of your own thoughts about what makes for good team work.

Everyone should now be signed up as a member of a group and be able to access their Project pages (a private wiki for your group). This is where you can develop your project ready for the final online presentation. See the tutorial in last week's session below - "Working with Projects"

Week 27 - Thursday 2nd Feb 2012

Room Changes:
This week's seminars will take place in Newton IT Suites 2&3
The lecture will be in Bonington 143LT

The topic for the lecture will be Teams - Belbin and Tuckman (see "Teams" in the Content section of NOW)
we will also look at writing reflectively and keeping a journal (see "Blogging for personal reflection" in the Content area of NOW)

In the seminars we will be looking at how to log into the wiki; how to create a profile; and how to use "Projects" for your group collaboration and presentation.
I will be on hand to help with any technical questions but you will mainly be working in your groups or individually, using the attached tutorials:
(you need to add your real name to your profile if your user name is not easily identifiable)

(let me know if you have not been added to the correct team)

Sign in to the wiki. Follow the tutorials above.