Self awareness is the foundation of good leadership - and good teamwork!

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Before we all get together face to face, I'd like you to do a bit of individual work - and then post your reflections on the Discussion Forum. (Click on the tab at the top of this page)

Firstly, follow this link to the Team Technology page on Myers Briggs

Read through the overview of Myers Briggs and complete the online questionnaire. (There is no need to buy the full report, just get an overview of your "type" or preferences.)

Next, read through your type, indicated by the four letters generated in your online report, (for example, ESTP) and make notes of what it says about your leadership style and how you interact with others.

Does this ring true for you? What might it mean for you in the group work you will be doing on this module? What role in the team would suit you best? Are you a natural leader or happiest supporting others?
Are you a thinker or a do-er?

For more detail on each of the four dimensions, look at this website

Tell us what you think in the Discussion Forum! (I have already posted my response). Why is self awareness important?

Don't forget - you need to join this site to be able to participate in the Discussion

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