external image shakhm-large.jpgThere are a number of things you need to do to prepare for the first assignment.

Firstly, choose your group and ensure you are included in the correct Project wiki.

You will need to keep a reflective journal about how you work together as a team (see this page for an overview of the main theories and a team types questionnaire: Teams, Belbin & Motivation)

You must make sure you are aware of the structure, deadlines and marking criteria for the assignment. You can find these here. Remember the assignment is in two parts: the presentation you create together as a group, and then the individual reflective account you write about the process of creating the presentation.

You can get help on how to structure your presentation and your reflective assignment by looking at some of the examples on this page

Finally, you can get information about Leadership theories and team dynamics through the Learning Materials on NOW. The Module Resource Lists will also steer you towards some useful reading. The page - Links - also contains lots of helpful links to support you in writing your assignment.

New Marking Criteria