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Before your group makes a decision about what your project is going to be about and how you are going to manage it, you might want to do some preparatory work.

Start by looking at the chapter on Team Creativity in John Adair's e-book on Leadership and Innovation (see the Resource List for the Module to get the link for this)

Next, you need to decide on the team roles - who is going to be the leader? The Belbin Team Types inventory might help you think about this. (here's a link to a free testwhich is similar to Belbin's inventory

In your reflection on the group process for your written assignment, you may wish to refer to Tuckman's theories about group dynamics and stages of development. This link provides a useful overview.

Here is the YouTube video on The Five Dysfunctions of Teams:

and here's the Dan Pink video on Motivation which you should look at alongside the learning materials in NOW: