external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRXjNbOiNcvhzZIWAJoX9VPjqW3LD1pygT9_rxJVOoCXh0tbp5rwwWhat is a wiki? You can start by reading this short article from - yes, you guessed it - Wikipedia!

Or watch this video: Wikis in Plain English

Basically a wiki is a web page that can be edited. This wiki delivers information and learning materials and is also a space where you can collaborate with your team mates on your own private "Project" pages. It also has a comment facility and discussion forums, allowing users to discuss their work, raise questions or offer advice to others. A wiki works best by having hyperlinks making connections between pages and to other sources of information. Every time you see you see blue, underlined text, it is going to take you to a new page or another website.

Why use a wiki?
Well, firstly because it allows for collaboration and interaction that is just not possible on the VLE (NOW). But it is also more private than a site such as Facebook as it can only be accessed by those with the link, and can only be edited by its members. It is also less complicated to set up and edit than a web page as it does not require knowledge of specialist software or code like HTML.

So how do you use it?
Here are some links to pages and tutorials I have created which should help you to use the wiki.

1. How to join this site - this covers signing up for an account and setting up your profile page

2. How to set up a profile

3. How to edit your project pages - click on this link to see a short video

4. Why not have a practice - you can go to this page and edit it.
What is a team?

Hate wikis?
You may be struggling to get to grips with the site - fear of new technology is not uncommon. See this learning cycle. I also struggle with tools I am not used to - we all have our favourites and changing the way we are comfortable with working is never easy.
The main thing to remember is that you cannot break it (well , no one has managed it yet!). Try to approach this in the spirit of exploration and playfulness. Start simple (add a post to a discussion forum) and work your way up to adding documents and editing formats.

Finally, remember that it is not compulsory to use this wiki for your final presentation. You can use a blog, a website, a Facebook page - even a PowerPoint presentation or a Word Document - just so long as it is available for everyone to view on line.