There are two parts to the assessment for this module.

Task One : Group presentation and reflection on process (50%)

In Term 2 you will form teams to produce an online resource outlining models of leadership using film and TV resources.
As a team you will have to agree on the format of/platform for the presentation (suggestions include a wiki; Google docs; Google sites; a Facebook page etc); decide on the roles of team members; assign tasks; ensure the deadline is met; and post a link to the site to enable peer and tutor feedback. Feedback and grades will be agreed by the whole group. The presentation will be worth 20% of your individual mark for this assignment.
Then - individually – you will produce a paper of up to 1000 words. This paper should be a summary of journal entries (which you will be required to maintain throughout the preceding weeks), which reflects on the process of the group in completing the task, using relevant theory on team development and individual motivation to critically analyse the process and your own role. The paper will be worth 80% of the mark for this assignment.

[So, if your group scores 15/20 for the presentation and you score 48/80 for your individual assignment, you will score 63% overall for task one.]
see group mark sheet here
Presentations should be ready to view by week ending
16th March
Everyone will vote on the presentations via SurveyMonkey and will receive peer and tutor feedback. A mark out of 20 will be confirmed during the seminars on 22nd March

Your supporting paper should be submitted via the drop box by
2pm on Friday23rd March 2011

You will receive feedback on this submission by w/c 16th April in the form of short written comments, also via the drop box.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Relate, critically, academic knowledge to an organisational practice.
  • Critically retrieve, synthesise and analyse information from a variety of sources
  • Make presentations with critiques of ideas and arguments to fellow students and tutors
  • Demonstrate and critique interpersonal, team work and collaborative skills that will enable you to work with others in research and problem solving

Marking criteria can be found here:

I have been asked to provide a brief example of the sort of reflections I am looking for in this assignment. The attached document is drawn from assignments produced by a previous group. It is NOT intended as a model answer - only to give a steer in the right direction.

Task Two (50%) is a "seen" examination in May 2012

we will spend the sessions in Term 3 preparing for the exam paper